Sheng-Hao Chen

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This paper presents a 55nm 4-in-1 (11b/g/n, BT, FM, and GPS) radio assembled side-by-side with a 3-metal layer integrated-passive-device (IPD) chip in a QFN40 package. One 2.4GHz transceiver is area-efficiently shared between WiFi and Bluetooth systems. Including a 3dB IPD insertion loss, at chip output (antenna port) the saturated output power of the 11bgn(More)
A highly integrated WiFi/BT/FM/GPS connectivity combo SOC is implemented in a 60nm CMOS process. This work presents the proposed WiFi/BT merged RF transceiver, a virtual SP3T switch, and DPD algorithm to save chip area, reduce BOM and enhance performance simultaneously. The WiFi/BT/FM/GPS RF transceiver areas are 1.7/1.3/0.8/1.0mm<sup>2</sup>, respectively.(More)
In this paper, cellular neural network with ratio memory is proposed for non-saturated binary image processing. The Hebbien leaming lule will be used to leam the weight oftemplate A. The RMCNN system can recognize one non-saNmted binary image and remove most ofthe noise added to the image pattem during the recognition period. The behavior of recognizing(More)
This paper describes a dual-band 802.11abgn/ac compliant transceiver in a 4-in-l combo connectivity SoC. It integrates the PAs, LNAs, T/R switches, and the 5GHz Balun. Due to the transmitter architecture and adaptive biasing scheme both are tailored for wide bandwidth, the 5GHz transmitter achieves 18.2dBm average output power for 802.11ac VHT80 MCS9(More)
A CMOS ratio-memory cellular nonlinear network (RMCNN) requiring no elapsed time is proposed. The correlations between any two neighboring cells are stored in the memories. The ratio weights of each cell are generated through a comparison of the four correlations around one cell with the mean value of these four correlations. With this method, the elapsed(More)
Manuscript received October 21, 2011; revised January 09, 2012; accepted February 04, 2012. Date of current version March 07, 2013. This work was supported by the Taiwan National Science Council under Grant 99-2221-E-006045. This paper was recommended by Guest Editor H.-J. Yoo. C.-L. Yang, C.-L. Tsai, and K.-T. Cheng are with the Department of Electrical(More)