Sheng-Guo Ma

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Guided by CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) modeling, the refractory medium-entropy alloy MoNbTaV was synthesized by vacuum arc melting under a high-purity argon atmosphere. A body-centered cubic solid solution phase was experimentally confirmed in the as-cast ingot using X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The measured lattice(More)
simple model using peak intensities of five Ni lines in five different matrices (Table 1) vs. Ni measured by XRF. NICKEL CALIBRATION FOR USE IN LASER-INDUCED BREAKDOWN SPECTROSCOPY ON MARS. K. H. Lepore, T. F. Boucher, E. A. Breves, M. D. Dyar, C. I. Fassett, E. C. Sklute, G. J. Marchand, J. M. Rhodes, M. Vollinger, S. A. Byrne, L. B. Breitenfeld, M. N.(More)
Hongwei Yao 1, Jun-Wei Qiao 1,*, Michael C. Gao 2,3,*, Jeffrey A. Hawk 2, Sheng-Guo Ma 4 and Hefeng Zhou 1 1 Laboratory of Applied Physics and Mechanics of Advanced Materials, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, China; (H.Y.); (H.Z.) 2 National Energy(More)
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