Sheng-Chyang Liaw

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Reliability and efficiency are important criteria in the design of interconnection networks. Recently, the w-wide diameter d w (G), the (w − 1)-fault diameter D w (G), and the w-Rabin number r w (G) have been used to measure network reliability and efficiency. In this paper, we study d w (G), D w (G) and r w (G) using the strong w-Rabin number r * w (G) for(More)
For positive integers j ≥ k, an L(j, k)-labeling of a digraph D is a function f from V (D) into the set of nonnegative integers such that |f (x) − f (y)| ≥ j if x is adjacent to y in D and |f (x) − f (y)| ≥ k if x is of distant two to y in D. Elements of the image of f are called labels. The L(j, k)-labeling problem is to determine the λ j,k-number λ j,k(More)
Kreweras considered the problem of counting noncrossing partitions of the set {1, 2, · · · , n}, whose elements are arranged into a cycle in its natural order, into p parts of given sizes n 1 , n 2 , · · · , np (but not specifying which part gets which size). He gave a beautiful and surprising result whose proof resorts to a recurrence relation. In this(More)
For a positive integer k, a k-subdominating function of a graph G = (V; E) is a function f : V → {−1; 1} such that u∈N G [v] f(u) ¿ 1 for at least k vertices v of G. The k-subdomination number of G, denoted by ks (G), is the minimum of v∈V f(v) taken over all k-subdominating functions f of G. In this article, we prove a conjecture for k-subdomination on(More)