Sheng-Chun Wang

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Using an external tuner-based method, this paper demonstrates a complete millimeter-wave noise characterization and modeling up to 60 GHz for 65-nm MOSFETs for the first time. Due to channel length modulation, the channel noise continues to increase and remains the most important noise source in the millimeter-wave band. Our experimental results further(More)
In this paper, the temperature dependences of RF small-signal characteristics for the SOI dynamic threshold voltage (DT) MOSFET (−25 to 125°C) are examined under different bias points. The temperature effects on the intrinsic small-signal parameters and body-related parasitics are also investigated. Moreover, along with our proposed(More)
In this paper, temperature-dependent RF small-signal and noise characteristics of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) dynamic threshold voltage (DT) MOSFETs are experimentally examined. In the low-voltage regime, both the cutoff and maximum oscillation frequencies (<i>ft</i> and <i>f</i><sub>max</sub>) tend to increase with temperature. In addition, the inherent(More)
The extraction of extrinsic resistances is essential to RF CMOS modeling. In this work, we investigate the extrinsic resistance extraction for PD SOI MOSFETs. We have shown that, for RF SOI MOSFETs, the coupling path between the source and drain terminals through the neutral-body region beneath the gate-oxide layer makes the resistance expressions behave(More)
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