Sheng-Chuan Wu

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An interactive computer graphics method has been developed for the rapid generation of arbitrary shaped three-dimensional surfaces. The method is a synthesis of spline theory and algorithms, an interactive means for man-machine communication, and software for static or dynamic graphics display. The basic technique employed is a modified lofting method in(More)
Ureteral tumor is prone to result in lumen obstruction. Villous adenoma is most frequently found in the colon and rectum, seldom in the urinary tract and even more rarely in the ureter or pelvis. Herein, we present a case of bilateral renal stones of more than 10 years' duration with the chief complaint of right flank pain. Obstruction of the right upper(More)
The effects of environmental media on the corrosion fatigue fracture behavior of 25CrMo steel were investigated. The media include air, and a 3.5 wt.% and a 5.0 wt.% NaCl solutions. Experimental results indicate that the media induces the initiation of corrosion fatigue cracks at multiple sites. The multi-cracking sites cause the changes in the crack growth(More)
According to the classic knowledge pyramid, we turn the data we collect into information by applying its context. We then interpret the information to derive knowledge from it. Our focus on knowledge management stem from our belief that knowledge is what provides value to our endeavors. Is this paradigm still true with the explosive growth in Big Data? One(More)
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