Sheng-Chih Chen

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Introduction As technology improves and molecular sequencing data accumulates exponentially, continued progress in the Human Genome Project will depend increasingly on the development of advanced computational tools for rapid annotation and easy organization of genomic sequences. Currently, a database search for sequence similarities represents the most(More)
Oxidative stress plays an important role in the pathological processes of various neurodegenerative diseases. Ugonin K, a flavonoid isolated from the rhizomes of Helminthostachys zeylanica, possesses potent antioxidant property. In this study, we investigate the neuroprotective effects of ugonin K on hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2))-induced apoptosis in SH-SY5Y(More)
UNLABELLED An integrated database and search system has been developed for protein family identification and information retrieval, as an approach to undertake the highly complex, genomic-scale problem of molecular sequence database search and organization. AVAILABILITY CONTACT
Keywords: Inventory Supply chain management Deteriorating items Maximum lifetime Trade credit a b s t r a c t Many products such as fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, volatile liquids, and others not only deteriorate continuously due to evaporation, obsolescence, spoilage, etc. but also have their expiration dates (i.e., a deteriorating item has its(More)
For many people, writing is a difficult task because finding a good topic and suitable elements is just not an easy job. In this study, we put our focus on narrative creation and propose that a Picture-Attributed-Note (PAN) framework can help with writing job. Picture and attributed notes were used to present and record story elements and to stimulate(More)
In practice, in order to reduce default risks with credit-risk customers, a seller (e.g., a manufacturer or a retailer) frequently requests its credit-risk customers to pay a fraction of the purchase amount at the time of placing an order as collateral deposit, and then grants a permissible delay on the outstanding balance (i.e., a downstream partial trade(More)
In today's competitive markets, most firms in United Kingdom and United States offer their products on trade credit to stimulate sales and reduce inventory. Trade credit is calculated based on time value of money on the purchase cost (i.e., discounted cash flow analysis). Recently, many researchers use discounted cash flow analysis only on the purchase cost(More)