Sheng-Chieh Wang

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Cooperative multicasting is a promising technique to combat severe fading and path loss for wireless video delivery. In typical wireless video multicasting, nodes under the worst channel condition determine the video delivery quality, thereby limiting the system performance and affecting the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the users. Existing cooperative(More)
BACKGROUND Capsicum plant, especially for C. annuum, is an abundant resource for bioactive antioxidants, but few studies have examined the unripe fruit part of the Capsicum plant. OBJECTIVE MeOH extract of unripe fruits of C. annuum L. var. conoides (UFCA) was chromatographed over a silica gel column using a gradient of CH2Cl2/MeOH as eluent to produce 9(More)
<i>Notations</i> is an interactive musical installation, enabling viewers to instantly compose music and produce clefs on a projection screen. To initiate the interaction, the viewer touches strings, triggering the projection of musical notations. Simultaneously, one of the screens displays an interactive animation. The idea of using music sheet design came(More)
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