Sheng Chen

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According to the World Health organization, half the world's population is at risk of contracting malaria. They estimated that in 2010 there were 219 million cases of malaria, resulting in 660,000 deaths and an enormous economic burden on the countries where malaria is endemic. The adoption of various high-throughput genomics-based techniques by malaria(More)
Programmers experienced in using imperative languages can increasingly benefit from also knowing how to use functional languages. However, even if programmers have already mastered general programming constructs such as types and recursion, actually expressing these in a functional language can be challenging. In this paper, we present an observational(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express my sincere thanks to my thesis advisor, Sridhar Mahadevan. Sridhar has been such a helpful advisor, and every aspect of this thesis has benefited from his guidance and support throughout my graduate studies. I also like to thank Sridhar for giving me great patience and support to explore many different ideas and(More)
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