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Long-term persistent tracking in ever-changing environments is a challenging task, which often requires addressing difficult object appearance update problems. To solve them, most top-performing methods rely on online learning-based algorithms. Unfortunately, one inherent problem of online learning-based trackers is drift, a gradual adaptation of the(More)
The paper studies some properties of the ring of integer-valued quasi-polynomials. On this ring, theory of generalized Euclidean division and generalized greatest common divisor are presented. Applications to finite simple continued fraction expansion of rational numbers and Smith normal form of integral matrices with an integer parameter are also given.
Let A(n) be a k × s matrix and m(n) be a k dimensional vector, where all entries of A(n) and m(n) are integer-valued polynomials in n. Suppose that t(m(n)|A(n)) = #{x ∈ Z s + | A(n)x = m(n)} is finite for each n ∈ N, where Z + is the set of nonnegative integers. This paper conjectures that t(m(n)|A(n)) is an integer-valued quasi-polynomial in n for n(More)
Suppose that a 1 (n), a 2 (n), · · · , a s (n), m(n) are integer-valued polynomials in n with positive leading coefficients. This paper presents Popoviciu type formulas for the generalized restricted partition function p A(n) (m(n)) := #{(x 1 , · · · , x s) ∈ Z s : all x j 0, x 1 a 1 (n) + · · · + x s a s (n) = m(n)} when s = 2 or 3. In either case, the(More)
By extending the definition interval of the standard cubic Catmull-Rom spline basis functions from [0,1] to [0,α], a class of cubic Catmull-Rom spline basis functions with a shape parameter α, named cubic α-Catmull-Rom spline basis functions, is constructed. Then, the corresponding cubic α-Catmull-Rom spline curves are generated based on the introduced(More)
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