Shenela B. Lakhani

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Clinical exome sequencing (CES) has become an increasingly popular diagnostic tool in patients with heterogeneous genetic disorders, especially in those with neurocognitive phenotypes. Utility of CES in consanguineous populations has not yet been determined on a large scale. A clinical cohort of 149 probands from Qatar with suspected Mendelian, mainly(More)
While a graduate student at McGill University, I had the opportunity to travel to North Africa for my summer rotation in 2009. Looking back now, I never thought my summer trip to a foreign country would eventually be the basis of my first defining moment as a genetic counselor. The time I spent working at the Institut National d'Hygiene in Morocco provided(More)
Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, the occurrence of multiple joint contractures at birth, can in some cases be accompanied by insufficient myelination of peripheral nerves, muscular hypotonia, reduced tendon reflexes, and respiratory insufficiency. Recently mutations in the CASPR/CNTN1 complex have been associated with similar severe phenotypes and(More)
We report on a consanguineous Arab family in which three sibs had an unusual skeletal dysplasia characterized by anterior defects of the spine leading to severe lumbar kyphosis and marked brachydactyly with cone epiphyses. The clinical phenotype also included dysmorphic facial features, epilepsy, and developmental delay. This constellation likely represents(More)
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