Shen-Zheng Wang

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This paper describes a plate recognition system that can process images rapidly at high accuracy rates. This system is designed to meet the requirements of performance, computational speed, and adaptation for vehicle surveillance applications, such as stolen car detection systems. These requirements are satisfied by adopting a cascade framework, utilizing(More)
The appearance of one object may be seen differently from distinct cameras with overlapping views due to the color deviation and perspective difference. In this paper, we study these problems and propose an appearance modeling technique in order to perform the tracking across the multiple cameras. For single camera tracking, an effective integrated Kalman(More)
Kernel based trackers have been proven to be a promising approach in video object tracking. The use of single kernel often suffers from occlusion since the visual information is not sufficient for kernel usage. Hence, multiple inter-related kernels have been utilized for tracking in complicated scenarios. This paper embeds the multiple kernels tracking into(More)
In this paper, a recognition system is proposed to extract and recognize license plates of motorcycles and vehicles on highways. In the first stage, a block-difference method is used to detect moving objects. According to the variance and the similarity of the MxN blocks defined on two diagonal lines, the blocks are categorized as three kinds: low-contrast,(More)
Automatic authoring of MTV-style home video using visual and music tempo analysis is studied in this work. In the proposed system, the input home video is first segmented into shots by low level features such as the color histogram difference. Then, three types of tempo analysis are conducted; namely, music, global visual (the frame level) and local visual(More)
Distributed camera networks have been deployed in the modern surveillance systems. The camera link model, including transition time distribution and brightness transfer function that represent the space-time relationship and color model between two cameras, is a critical element for tracking objects across the cameras. In this paper, we formulate the(More)
This paper proposes a 3D human body pose reconstruction system based on videos captured from any perspective view of a monocular camera. The appearance, color and temporal information extracted from the video frames are effectively combined to accurately track 2D body features. This view invariant system overcomes the challenges of requiring the modeled(More)
Automatic visual tempo analysis and adaptive shot detection are studied for MTV-style home video authoring. Based upon the significant variation caused by object and background independently, spatial and temporal analysis are integrated for region of interest(ROI) detection in video sequences. To further detect homogeneous shots, visual tempos are proposed(More)