Shen Yu Chen

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In 30 cats under chloralose (40 mg/kg) and urethane (400 mg/kg) anesthesia, the ponto-medullary region involved in cardiovascular integration were stimulated by rectangular pulses (0.5 ms, 80 or 5 Hz, 100 to 200 microA) and/or by microinjection of sodium glutamate (Glu, 0.25-0.5 M, 70-200 nl). Changes of systemic arterial blood pressure (SAP) and renal(More)
Levels of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) immunoreactivity and mRNA in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and TH immunoreactivity in the nucleus accumbens were measured after early (24 hr) and late (3 weeks) withdrawal times from acute and repeated cocaine treatment. Two doses of cocaine (15 mg/kg i.p. or 30 mg/kg i.p.) were administered for 6 days to produce(More)
To investigate the interaction between cardiovascular (CV)-reactive areas in the brain stem and urinary bladder (UB) motility, 48 adult cats of either sex were anesthetized intraperitoneally with alpha-chloralose (40 mg/kg) and urethan (400 mg/kg). The changes of UB motility and systemic arterial blood pressure (SAP) were produced by microinjection of(More)
1. Fifty-five intact and six baroreceptor denervated and vagotomized cats of either sex were anaesthetized intraperitoneally with urethane (400 mg/kg) and alpha-chloralose (40 mg/kg). Responses of the systemic arterial pressure (SAP), mean SAP (MSAP) and sympathetic vertebral nerve (VNA) and renal nerve activities (RNA) were recorded. 2. In intact animals,(More)
Pentobarbital anesthesia during the proestrous afternoon delays proliferation of lactotrophs of the anterior pituitary from estrus to diestrus 1 in cycling female rats. We determined whether estradiol treatment induced diurnal changes in rates of lactotroph proliferation in ovariectomized rats, and if so, examined whether hypothalamic neural activity was(More)
PURPOSE Propofol may cause hypotension and the mechanism is complex. The present study was designed to determine the direct actions of propofol in medulla of cats. METHODS Mean systematic arterial pressure (MSAP), heart rate (HR) and cardiac contractility (dp/dt) were compared before and after administration of propofol the femoral vein (2, 3, or 4(More)
1. The role of nitric oxide (NO) in central cardiovascular regulation and the correlation between NO and glutamate-induced mechanisms is not clear. Microinjection of glutamate (3 nmol/30 nL) into dorsomedial medulla (DM) and rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM) increased arterial blood pressure (BP) and sympathetic vertebral nerve activity (VNA). Thus, in(More)
1. In cats anaesthetized with a mixture of alpha-chloralose (40 mg/kg) and urethane (400 mg/kg) and in rats anaesthetized with a mixture of alpha-chloralose (60 mg/kg) and urethane (800 mg/kg), changes in systemic arterial pressure (SAP), heart rate (HR) and sympathetic activities of vertebral (VNA) and renal (RNA) nerves were determined following the(More)
Differential methylation of the homologous chromosomes, a well-known mechanism leading to genomic imprinting and X-chromosome inactivation, is widely reported at the non-imprinted regions on autosomes. To evaluate the transgenerational DNA methylation patterns in human, we analyzed the DNA methylomes of somatic and germ cells in a four-generation family. We(More)
Integrins mediate cell-extracellular matrix connections and are particularly important during neuronal development. We here investigated the regulatory role of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins on the synaptic transmission at developing motoneurons. Synaptic currents were recorded from innervated myocytes of 1-day-old Xenopus cultures by whole-cell(More)