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On paradox of value guidance in college student's ideological and political education and reconstruction
Educational value is an important factor in strengthening effectiveness of college student's ideological and political education.Starting from value guidance,this paper analyzes paradoxes of theExpand
Border crossing in the interactive win-win——the changes appeal of regional university teaching resource construction
The characteristics of university teaching resources gives its unique temperament,continuous constructiveness and dynamic generative constitute the university teaching resources new connotation.TheExpand
On Cultivation of Cross-cultural Communication Competence in English Teaching
This paper raises a question about how to cultivate the students’ cross-cultural competence in commun ication and tries to offer an answer to this question.It analyzes the connotation of theExpand
The Potential Influence of College English Reading on Improving the Students'Writing Ability
We may cultivate students' writing ability while teaching reading by using some teaching strategies.Doing a lot of reading can help students writing well. Expand
The Application of Cultural Icons in Shaping Product Brand Image
In the development of an enterprise,it is very important to utilize cultural icons to shape the product brand image,which can be realized in different aspects.Form icons can help shape the outer beauty of product brand,and language icons can enhance the added value of the brand. Expand
A Comparative Study of Taboos in English and Chinese and their Cultural Connotations
Taboos can be seen in many cultures. This paper makes a contrast between the taboos in English and Chinese, which reflects the customs and values of different societies. Knowing some taboos can beExpand
Optimized Investment:Demand of Effectin Strengthening the University Student Political Education
The education investment flaw has become currently affects the university student thought political education effective important attribute.Strengthens and improves the university student thoughtExpand
Culture Moisturization:Exploration of Training Approaches of Creative Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges
Based on the training of creative talents,the paper analyzes the major problems as well as the status quo of current culture construction on higher vocational college campus,and further proposesExpand
Conversational Principles and Communicational Stratigies in Intercultural Communication
Every language has its own certain rules and models and they are different according to different culture. In order to communicate successfully and effiently in intercultural communication,peopleExpand