Shen-Qiang Zhai

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High-power broad area substrate emitting photonic-crystal distributed feedback (DFB) quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) emitting around 4.73 μm is reported. Two-dimensional centered rectangular photonic-crystal (CRPC) grating is introduced to enhance optical coherence in large area device. Main lobe far-field radiation pattern with a very small divergence angle(More)
We demonstrate a surface-emitting quantum cascade laser (QCL) based on second-order buried distributed feedback/distributed Bragg reflector (DFB/DBR) gratings for feedback and outcoupling. The grating fabricated beneath the waveguide was found to fundamentally favor lasing in symmetric mode either through analysis or experiment. Single-lobe far-field(More)
The design, fabrication, and characterization of a polarization-dependent normal incident quantum cascade detector coupled via complementary split-ring metamaterial resonators in the infrared regime are presented. The metamaterial structure is designed through three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method and fabricated on the top metal contact,(More)
In the present work, an ultra-low power consumption substrate-emitting distributed feedback (DFB) quantum cascade laser (QCL) was developed. The continuous-wave (CW) threshold power dissipation is reduced to 0.43 W at 25 °C by shortening the cavity length to 0.5 mm and depositing high-reflectivity (HR) coating on both facets. As far as we know, this is the(More)
We demonstrate a quantum dash quantum cascade photodetector (QDash-QCD) by incorporating self-assembled InAs quantum dashes into the active region of a long wave infrared QCD. Sensitive photoresponse to normal incident light at 10 μm was observed, which is attributed to the intersubband (ISB) transitions in the quantum well/quantum dash (QW/QDash) hybrid(More)
Very low power-consumption distributed feedback (DFB) quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) at the wavelength around 4.9 μm were fabricated by conventional process without lateral regrowth of InP:Fe or using sidewall grating. Benefitted from the optimized materials and low waveguide loss, very low threshold current density of 0.5 kA/cm2 was obtained for a device(More)
We demonstrate a quantum cascade laser with active regions consisting of InAs quantum dots deposited on GaAs buffer layers that are embedded in InGaAs wells confined by InAlAs barriers. Continuous wave room temperature lasing at the wavelength of 7.2 μm has been demonstrated with the threshold current density as low as 1.89 kA/cm2, while in pulsed(More)
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