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Comparative study of MRI characteristics between posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome and MELAS syndrome
Objective:To compare the MRI characteristics of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome with that of MELAS syndrome.Materials and Methods:Twenty-one patients with PRES and 6 patients with MELASExpand
Optimization of MRI Sequences in Observation of SPIO-labled Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Transplanted into Rat Brain
Objective To determine the optimal MRI sequence in observation of superparamagnetic iron oxide(SPIO)-labled bone marrow stromal cells(BMSCs)transplanted into rat brain.Methods SPIO-labled BMSCs wereExpand
Investigation of multimedia didactic courseware of network on image diagnosis
We investigate the methods of the design of multimedia didactic courseware of network on image diagnosis and its characteristic. Expand
Comparison of fMRI on the Cortical Organization Using Two Language Tasks in Normal Subjects
We comparatively study the cortical organization using two different language tasks by BOLD-fMRI in normal subjects by studying the activation areas of each task. Expand
In vivo MR tracking of transplanted bone marrow stromal cells labeled with Resovist in rat models with Parkinson disease
Objective To observe the migration ability of different quantity of BMSCs labled with Resovist after transplanted in rat models with Parkinson disease(PD) with 1.5T MR scanner and micro-47 coil,inExpand
Imaging Quality Evaluation of Respiratory Navigator 3D BTFE Coronary MR Angiography Techniques
Objective To investigate the quality of coronary arteries imaging made by 3D B-TFE sequence.Methods On 41 examiner,coronary arteries were imaged using 3D B-TFE sequence with respiratory navigatorExpand
Detection of K-ras Gene Point Mutation and Its Style at Codon 12 in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line Patu 8988 by PCR-SSP and Sequence Analysis
Objective To decide the base sequences of target position for gene therapy,the K-ras point mutation and its style at codon 12 in human pancreatic cancer cell line Patu 8988 was detected.Methods ThreeExpand
The MRI Study of the Decrease in Carotid Plaques with Receiving Arovastatin Therapy
Objective To detect the carotid plaques with MRI and study the MRI characteristics of them.Also we study the changes of the carotid plaques with receiving atrovastatin therapy to find its therapeuticExpand
Preliminary assessment of fiber tractography of optic radiation based on diffusion tensor imaging
Objective To investigate optimal scan plan for optic radiation tractography and image post-processing method which is acceptable for clinics. Methods Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) was obtained in 10Expand
Correlative study of dynamic MRI and tumor angiogenesis in gastric carcinoma
Objective To investigate the correlation between the dynamic MRI enhancement characteristics and tumor angiogenesis in gastric carcinoma.Methods Histopathological slides of 30 patients underwent CD34Expand