Shen-Guan Shih

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We propose a CAAD environment for non-designers. It is a new way to enable effective user participation during the design process. This CAAD environment contains an encapsulation of design knowledge and utilises information filtering as an interface to the design knowledge. Two prototypes are implemented as testbeds. So far, our experience has suggested(More)
The blossoming field of kinetic design seeks to integrate ubiquitous computing and physical computing into kinetic interaction. This paper presents three techniques as a method for designer to explore kinetic artifact: (a) the design of foldable assembles to attach smart material direct into structural system, (b) the use of decentralized control system to(More)
Humans have occupied most of the land surface of the planet since ancient times. There is no doubt that New Taipei City will continue to expand, but in the coming decades, the increasing pressure of urban pollution and global warming, our living space will make it necessary to redefine the model for expansion. This study is seeking a new vision of(More)
<i>Spatial Hyperlink</i>, a telecommunications art installation, explores an ideal social interaction. The work encourages viewers' awareness of others' psychological states via speaking boxes through which images and sounds can be transmitted over unknown distances. Devices installed in different places become a giant communication network. Users are able(More)
The square is the urban hot spot, not only the residential public life important place, but also being the superintendent's management issue. This article tries to introduce the energy concept. Take the most characteristic &#x201C;Ximending&#x201D; square of Taipei as the example. After photographing the pedestrian path, establishes the compression(More)
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