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Authenticated query processing has been an important problem in outsourced and cloud databases. However, all existing works on query authentication are confined to a single server. In this paper, we present a scalable authentication solution for range queries based on the MapReduce framework. To address the problem, we propose two algorithms for mapping an(More)
Phase Changing Memory (PCM), as one of the most promising next-generation memory technologies, offers various attractive properties such as non-volatility, bit-alterability, and low idle energy consumption. In this paper, we present PCMLogging, a novel logging scheme that exploits PCM devices for both data buffering and transaction logging in disk-based(More)
BACKGROUND miR-15a and miR-16-1 have been identified as tumor suppressor genes in prostate cancer, but their safe and effective delivery to target cells is key to the successful use of this therapeutic strategy. RNA aptamer A10 has been used as a ligand, targeting prostate cancer cells that express prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA). Compared with(More)
The androgen receptor (AR) cofactor p44/WDR77, which regulates expression of a set of androgen target genes, is required for differentiation of prostate epithelium. Aberrant localization of p44/WDR77 in the cytoplasm is associated with prostate tumorigenesis. Here, we describe studies that used the mouse prostate and human prostate cancer cells as model(More)
Androgens provide survival signals to prostate epithelial cells, and androgen ablation induces apoptosis in the prostate gland. However, the molecular mechanisms of actions of the androgen-signaling pathway in these processes are not fully understood. Here, we report that androgens induced expression of the cellular Fas/FasL-associated death domain(More)
BACKGROUND Chitosan shows particularly high biocompatibility and fairly low cytotoxicity. However, chitosan is insoluble at physiological pH. Moreover, it lacks charge, so shows poor transfection. In order to develop a new type of gene vector with high transfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity, amphiphilic chitosan was synthesized and linked with(More)
BACKGROUND To solve the efficiency versus cytotoxicity and tumor-targeting problems of polyethylenimine (PEI) used as a nonviral gene delivery vector, a degradable PEI derivate coupled to a bifunctional peptide R13 was developed. METHODS First, we synthesized a degradable PEI derivate by crosslinking low-molecular-weight PEI with pluronic P123, then used(More)
To perform complex tasks, RDF Stream Processing Web applications evaluate continuous queries over streams and quasi-static (background) data. While the former are pushed in the application, the latter are continuously retrieved from the sources. As soon as the background data increase the volume and become distributed over the Web, the cost to retrieve them(More)
—Phase-change memory (PCM), as one of the most promising next-generation memory technologies, offers various attractive properties such as non-volatility, byte addressability, bit alterability, and low idle energy consumption. Recently, PCM has drawn much attention from the database community for optimizing query and transaction performance. As a complement(More)
BACKGROUND The increased incidence of malignant melanoma in recent decades, along with its high mortality rate and pronounced resistance to therapy pose an enormous challenge. Novel therapeutic strategies, such as immunotherapy and targeted therapy, are urgently needed for melanoma. In this study, a new active targeting drug delivery system was constructed(More)