Shelly Rogov

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Experimental results of the optical properties investigation of the liquid crystal video projector matrix are given as well as its application for the input of images into the coherent optical Fourier processor and into the joint Fourier transform correlator. It is shown that such modulators are perspective for the application in the coherent optical(More)
Variants of liquid-crystal spatial light modulators control devices, that provide partial or fully parallel information input in multichannel optical signal processing systems are suggested. Applications of the proposed solutions enables to increase to a considerable extent the optical processors capacity that is actual for a number of practical problems.
An acoustooptic Wigner processor was constructed and investigated. The processor operating at the frequency about 130 MHz permits to get the time-frequency distribution of radiosignals. The experiment carried out for linear frequency modulated signals showed that this device has an advanced resolution and frequency determination precision in comparison with(More)
The possibility of the creation of a compact optic Wigner processor is considered. The influence of distortions on the output signal, that appear in such an arrangement, is analyzed theoretically, experimentally and with the help of the mathematical simulation. It is shown that at practically used signal parameters these distortions in the Wigner(More)
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