Shelly M Rudski

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Comparative sequence analysis of the mitochondrial small subunit ribosomal RNA (rns) gene among species of Ophiostoma, Grosmannia, Ceratocystiopsis and related taxa provides an overview of the types of introns that have invaded this gene within the ophiostomatoid fungi. The rns gene appears to be a reservoir for a number of group I and group II introns(More)
The mtDNA rnl-U7 region has been examined for the presence of introns in selected species of the genus Ceratocystis. Comparative sequence analysis identified group I and group II introns encoding single and double motif LAGLIDADG open reading frames (ORFs) at the following positions L1671, L1787, and L1923. In addition downstream of the rnl-U7 region group(More)
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