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Leaf development presents a tremendous resource for tackling the question of patterning in biology. Leaves can be simple or highly dissected. They may have elaborated parts such as the tendrils of a pea leaf or the rolled blade of a carnivorous pitcher plant. Despite the variation in size, shape, and function, all leaves initiate in the same manner: from(More)
An unstable spontaneous mutation in the maize Adh1 gene, coding for alcohol dehydrogenase, was selected by allyl alcohol poisoning of wild type Adh1 pollen from a maize line carrying Ds at the Bz2 locus and one copy of Ac in an unknown position. The mutant has a null phenotype. No wild type pollen grains were detected in strains devoid of Ac, but in the(More)
Microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) are the major accessory proteins on microtubules, the prominent, cylindrical component of the cytoskeleton. Despite the essential roles performed by microtubules in eukaryotic cells, little is known regarding the function of the filamentous MAPs, other that those that serve as motor proteins. Structural and biochemical(More)
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