Shelly Garion

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We investigate the surjectivity of the word map defined by the n-th Engel word on the groups PSL(2, q) and SL(2, q). For SL(2, q), we show that this map is surjective onto the subset SL(2, q)\{−id} ⊂ SL(2, q) provided that q ≥ q0(n) is sufficiently large. Moreover, we give an estimate for q0(n). We also present examples demonstrating that this does not hold(More)
A Beauville surface is a complex algebraic surface that can be presented as a quotient of a product of two curves by a suitable action of a finite group. Bauer, Catanese and Grunewald have been able to intrinsically characterize the groups appearing in minimal presentations of Beauville surfaces in terms of the existence of a so-called ”Beauville(More)