Shelly D. Dickinson

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Twenty-first-century biology is inherently interdisciplinary. Every aspect of biology, from molecules to organisms to ecosystems, is richly informed by the physical, mathematical, and computational sciences. Interdisciplinarity is a buzzword in biology education, and understandably so, for the major scientific challenges of the 21st century—climate change,(More)
BACKGROUND Many preclinical studies have demonstrated age-related differential sensitivity to various effects of ethanol between adolescent and adult animals. However, published data addressing possible differences in ethanol's motivational effects are sparse, particularly in mice. The present study examined age-related differences in the conditioned(More)
How do good teachers get that way? While practice is certainly important, good ideas are essential. The first goal of the "New(er) Kids on the Block" plenary session at the 2008 PKAL/FUN Workshop was to highlight the notable things junior FUN faculty are doing in the classroom and the lab. Happily, both younger and more seasoned faculty colleagues shared a(More)
In 2011 FUN celebrated 20 years of training tomorrow's neuroscientists today. Over the past two decades we've become an international organization of members dedicated to excellence in teaching and research at the undergraduate level. FUN has enacted its mission through our flagship journal JUNE, student travel awards, faculty awards, education workshops,(More)
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