Shelley M Hutchings

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Hyperekplexia is a rare condition characterised by the presence of neonatal hypertonia and an exaggerated startle response. Mutations have been described in GLRA1, the gene encoding the alpha 1 subunit of the glycine receptor, in dominant families with hyperekplexia and in a single sporadic case, thought to represent an autosomal recessive form of the(More)
The care of a child after cardiac transplantation is similar to the care of any child after cardiac surgery. In this article, the program at The Children's Hospital in Boston and the nursing management have been discussed. The focal points of nursing care are: (1) to continually monitor and assess the child's cardiovascular stability; (2) to prepare the(More)
An 8-week-old, male Labrador retriever presented for acute onset of left hind limb lameness. This rapidly progressed to juvenile cellulitis, characterized by dermatitis of the face, otitis externa, regional lymphadenopathy, lethargy, and depression. The puppy made a full recovery on glucocorticoid therapy.
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