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We present a system to help users achieve better face warping on 2D portrait images. Faces can be difficult to warp accurately because the rotation of the head affects the shape of the facial features. We bypass this problem by utilizing the Loomis 'ball and plane' head drawing method as a proxy structure. The resulting 'morphable guidelines' consist of a(More)
We present a content-based music collection exploration tool based on a variation of the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm. The tool, named SoundAnchoring, displays the music collection on a 2D frame and allows users to explicitly choose the locations of some data points known as anchors. By establishing the anchors' locations, users determine where(More)
We introduce artist Lucy Pullen's Double Meandering Algorithm, first in its original form as a pen-and-paper drawing algorithm and then as a procedurally generated animation. We utilize a chain of cubic Bézier curves to represent the characteristic spiraling line, assigning each control point according to a pseudo-randomized algorithm. The resulting(More)
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