Shelley Force Aldred

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BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem (MS) cells are excellent candidates for cell-based therapeutic strategies to regenerate injured tissue. Although human MS cells can be isolated from bone marrow and directed to differentiate by means of an osteogenic pathway, the regulation of cell-fate determination is not well understood. Recent reports identify critical roles(More)
Inter-individual variation in gene regulatory elements is hypothesized to play a causative role in adverse drug reactions and reduced drug activity. However, relatively little is known about the location and function of drug-dependent elements. To uncover drug-associated elements in a genome-wide manner, we performed RNA-seq and ChIP-seq using antibodies(More)
The regulation of transcriptional initiation in the human genome is a critical component of global gene regulation, but a complete catalog of human promoters currently does not exist. In order to identify regulatory regions, we developed four computational methods to integrate 129 sets of ENCODE-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation data. They collectively(More)
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