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Identity as an Embodied Event
This article engages critically with issues surrounding the theorization of the self and body relation, where the body is interpreted as material increasingly open to human intervention and choice.Expand
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Cultures of Intimacy and Care beyond ‘the Family’: Personal Life and Social Change in the Early 21st Century
The authors argue that if sociologists are to understand the current state, and likely future, of intimacy and care, we should decentre the ‘family’ and the heterosexual couple in our intellectualExpand
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The Dynamics of Gender Hegemony: Femininities, Masculinities and Social Change
In this article theories of gender hegemony are utilized to assess how changing norms impact upon the binary construction of gender. Transformed gender ideals have materialized in the figure of theExpand
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Couple Culture and the Production of Singleness
Historically singleness has operated as a marginalized status while heterosexual couples have occupied a privileged position that confers upon its inhabitants a range of social, economic and symbolicExpand
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The Contradictions of Successful Femininity: Third-Wave Feminism, Postfeminism and ‘New’ Femininities
In contrast to claims that feminism no longer retains currency in late modernity third-wave feminism asserts that feminism continues to be both possible and necessary.1 This position proceeds on theExpand
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Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Gender in Late Modernity
Acknowledgements Introduction: Defining the Third Wave A Postfeminist Gender Order New Femininities and Feminist Subjectivities Experiencing Third-Wave Feminism A Politics of the Self The Limits ofExpand
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Emergent Feminist(?) Identities
The article seeks to examine identities young women are producing within late modern social conditions with the aim of exploring these identities in relation to the increasingly fragmented project ofExpand
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Friendship and Formations of Sociality in Late Modernity: The Challenge of ‘Post Traditional Intimacy’
Starting from the vantage point of a ‘relational ontology’ this paper explores the complex relationship networks of people who are single or are not living with a sexual partner. The ways in whichExpand
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From feminism to postfeminism: Women's liberation in fashion magazines☆
Abstract During the past few decades, fashion magazines have increasingly targeted young women as a specialty audience. Despite a large amount of theoretical work by feminists on women's magazines asExpand
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Individualized femininity and feminist politics of choice
Women’s right to exercise choice has been one of feminism’s central political claims. Where second wave feminism focused on the constraints women faced in making free choices, choice feminism moreExpand
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