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In many regions of the world, variable retention has replaced clear-cutlogging as the principal method of regeneration harvest. Partial retention of the overstory is thought to ensure greater continuity of the species and ecological processes that characterize older forests. Level (amount) and spatial pattern of overstory retention are two basic elements of(More)
A new method for predicting lyophile collapse temperatures based upon dielectric analysis (DEA) of frozen two component systems is presented. The method, called the take off frequency model (TOF), relies both on the inherent ability of DEA to detect molecular motion and on the abrupt change in viscosity experienced by a frozen sample undergoing a(More)
The degree and ease with which permanent dipoles in a frozen sample orient in an applied electric field is affected during thermal transitions. This motion can be monitored with dielectric analysis (DEA) at low AC frequencies (< approximately 300,000 Hz). The systems characterized with respect to their behavior in the frozen state consisted of common(More)
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