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Using DAYCENT to quantify on-farm GHG emissions and N dynamics of land use conversion to N-managed switchgrass in the Southern U.S.
Abstract Use of a simulation model to predict long-term yield, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and water quality impacts can be valuable for assessing land use conversion to bioenergy crops. TheExpand
Life cycle of the corn-soybean agroecosystem for biobased production.
Biobased product life cycle assessments (LCAs) have focused largely on energy (fossil fuel) usage and greenhouse gas emissions during the agriculture and production stages. This paper compiles a moreExpand
The Environmental Impact of Autonomous Vehicles Depends on Adoption Patterns.
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to transform our transportation system. The forces that will influence the environmental impacts of large-scale AV adoption are identified to helpExpand
A comparative life cycle assessment of petroleum and soybean-based lubricants.
A comparative life cycle assessment examining soybean and petroleum-based lubricants is compiled using Monte Carlo analysis to assess system variability. Experimental data obtained from an aluminumExpand
Modeling nitrogen loss from switchgrass agricultural systems
Abstract A water quality modeling study was conducted to determine and compare nitrogen loss from water flow to surface water and ground water from agricultural systems growing switchgrass and cottonExpand
A Comparison of Two Methods to Conduct Material Flow Analysis on Waste Tires in a Small Island Developing State
The disposal of scrap tires is one of the biggest solid waste issues facing some small island developing states (SIDS) in the Caribbean. Dominica is a small Caribbean island nation that seeks toExpand
A Stochastic Approach to Model Dynamic Systems in Life Cycle Assessment
This article presents a framework to evaluate emerging systems in life cycle assessment (LCA). Expand
Water quality impacts of converting intensively- managed agricultural lands to switchgrass
Abstract Land use change resulting from bioenergy production has the potential to affect regional water quality. Water quality impacts associated with bioenergy production have been extensivelyExpand
Comparison of life-cycle inventory databases: A case study using soybean production
Three established life-cycle inventories of agricultural operations were used to generate air emissions data for soybean production: the greenhouse gases, regulated emissions, and energy use inExpand
Comparison of life cycle environmental impacts from meal kits and grocery store meals
Abstract Meal kits contain ingredients for cooking a meal that are pre-portioned, packaged, and delivered to a consumer’s residence. Life cycle environmental impacts associated with climate change,Expand