Sheldon Travin

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Although there is an extensive body of literature concerning male sexual offenders, there is a marked lack of articles describing sexual offenses committed by females. The authors present a review of the existing literature on this topic and describe five cases of female sexual offenders and four cases of female sexual abusers. Implications for the(More)
  • S Travin
  • The Psychiatric clinics of North America
  • 1995
CSBs constitute a wide range of complex sexual behaviors that clinicians are increasingly encountering. This article has set forth four models of CSBs: compulsive, affective, addictive, and impulsive. Some of the CSBs appear to fit rather neatly into one of the models, whereas others have features of two or more of them. The identification of these various(More)
Malingering phenomena are reconceptualized along a continuum of other-deceptive, and “malingering-like” mixed-deceptive and self-deceptive categories, depending upon the degree of the subject's conscious self-awareness. This schema heuristically expands the malingering concept to include its multivaried range of clinical presentations which are ubiquitously(More)
Some clinicians tend to misdiagnose schizophrenia when there is accompanying antisocial behavior, thus depriving the patient of appropriate treatment. Four factors appear to contribute to this misdiagnosis, the most important of which is the nature of the interaction between examiner and examinee. The authors present a case illustration and discuss the(More)
Antiandrogen treatment of sexual offenders raises serious legal and ethical considerations in both the medical profession and in the courts. Discussion is offered on the use of antiandrogens in both an involuntary and voluntary context. The potential negative impact of this treatment modality on such constitutional issues as privacy interests, right to(More)
The types of patients seen in a multiservice criminal court psychiatric clinic and the conditions under which this occurs may pose difficulties for the mental health professional. When such antisocial behavior as manipulativeness, aggression, and criminal activity are combined with gross psychiatric disturbance or severe personality disorder, a variety of(More)
Pedophiles constitute a heterogeneous group of sex offenders. Direct physiological assessment of sexual arousal has significantly increased our diagnostic skill and capability of monitoring treatment response. Erectile response studies have indicated that the majority of pedophiles and incest offenders show arousal to other paraphilias and frequently to(More)
The use of erection measurement studies is proliferating in the assessment and treatment of sexual deviants. Because of the nature of sexual offense, there are many inherent legal complications with the implementation of this technology, specifically its use as evidence. The authors present data from a study of 185 sex offenders in an attempt to illustrate(More)