Sheldon T Cheung

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Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) play critical roles in diverse processes ranging from viral infection to neuroregeneration. Their regiospecific sulfation patterns, which are generated by sulfotransferases, are key structural determinants that underlie their biological activity. Small-molecule modulators of these sulfotransferases could serve as powerful tools for(More)
Four series of diastereomeric peptide pairs (X-Lys, Lys-Y, Gly-X-Lys, and Gly-Lys-Y; where X and Y = Ala, Leu, Val, Ile, Phe, and Pro) have been synthesized by conventional procedures using benzyl-based protecting groups. Chromatographic separation of each pair, except Gly-Lys-Pro, has been achieved by elution from a 15-cm Aminex A-5 resin column using pH(More)
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