Sheldon Mcmullan

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In healthy infants, crying behavior is reduced significantly by "supplemental" carrying; that is, increased carrying throughout the day in addition to that which occurs during feeding and in response to crying. To determine whether the recommendation to increase carrying would be effective as a therapy for colic, 66 mothers of infants 4 weeks of age or less(More)
Recent studies document excess weight loss (EWL) of more than 50% with the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LGB). This study reviews the LGB experience at an urban academic center in terms of complications, reoperative rates, and comorbidities. In this study, 144 consecutive patients undergoing LGB were prospectively reviewed. Data were collected(More)
Ten patients with untreated Graves' disease underwent tests to determine lactose absorption, liquid gastric emptying, and oral cecal transit time. To determine the influence of thyroid hormone status on lactose absorption, eight of these same patients had repeat studies when rendered euthyroid. Two of these eight patients also underwent studies while(More)
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