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BACKGROUND Language use is of increasing interest in the study of mental illness. Analytical approaches range from phenomenological and qualitative to formal computational quantitative methods. Practically, the approach may have utility in predicting clinical outcomes. We harnessed a real-world sample (blog entries) from groups with psychosis, strong(More)
—Growing demand for streaming, voice and interactive gaming applications emphasize the importance of quality of service (QoS) provisioning in the Internet, particularly the need for maximum end-to-end delay guarantee. Current methods of QoS provisioning have either scalability concerns or cannot guarantee end-to-end delay with acceptable packet loss unless(More)
iii Dedication To my wife Sandy, for all the support and understanding. iv Acknowledgments I would like to thank my advisor and committee member, Dr. Stuart Kauffman, for teaching me the definition of scientific research and for setting the highest of academic standards. I would like to thank my committee chair Dr. Christopher Moore for giving me his honest(More)
The N-Queens problem is examined and programmatically implemented for Depth First Search, Depth First Search with improvements, Branch and Bound, and Beam Search. Several heuristics are presented and implemented with each of the searches. Results were analyzed for number of nodes generated, number of nodes traversed, and relative execution time. While(More)
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