Sheldon C. Sommers

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The inter-relationships of 32 pathologic and 7 clinical parameters encountered in the study of 1000 examples of invasive breast carcinoma have been presented. In some instances the biological significance of these associations is at present unclear. In others it is to be noted that there is no information provided as to the rank of their significance.(More)
Microscopic foci of multicentric cancer were detected in 121 of 904 breasts surgically removed for a clinically overt, invasive cancer. This incidence of 13.4% is regarded as a conservative estimate since examples of such lesions occurring in the same quadrant as the dominant mass, except in those instances in which the latter was present within the tail of(More)
Diverting the fecal stream has been considered to affect the course of Crohn's disease favorably. Adverse effects on the distal segment have not previously been distinguished from clinical signs and symptoms. The course of four patients with Crohn's disease who underwent fecal diversion with an in situ rectum were observed in whom sigmoidoscopy was(More)