Sheldon Brown

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With next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, one can interrogate a specific genomic region of interest at very high depth of coverage and identify less prevalent, rare mutations in heterogeneous clinical samples. However, the mutation detection levels are limited by the error rate of the sequencing technology as well as by the availability of(More)
The Scalable City is a set of projects that explore the externalization of algorithmic approaches to urbanization that intersect with geographic, political, economic and aesthetic zones of conflict. Version 0.7a of the Scalable City is a multi-media exhibition consisting of various manifestations of landscape demarcation, personal embodiment and domicile(More)
Artist Statement The Scalable City extrapolates the cultural condition arising from the interaction of users, data, and algorithms. As our world becomes characterized by this equation, we inhabit the artifacts of these relationships. The Scalable City is urban design as choreography of these artifacts. created by a process in which real-world data are(More)
The artworks of The Scalable City consist of prints on paper and canvas, computer animated videos, procedural animations, multi-channel video installations, and interactive 3D computer graphic environments. The initial content of The Scalable City is built via a data visualization pipeline. In this pipeline, data is taken from existing cities – satellite(More)
Robust, mission-critical software is a fundamental requirement of any nation's cyber infrastructure. This breakthrough by CHMPR researchers at the University of California, San Diego site creates essentially a set tools that make possible robust, mission-critical execution of software by efficiently tracking use of computer systems' memory resources. As(More)
Innovations emerging from the intersection of the sciences, engineering, arts and design are transforming our economy, culture, and learning contexts. This transformation is emerging through development of products, methods, and questions that are fundamentally hybrid, such as software developed for human play, hardware designed for aesthetic elegance, or(More)
Figure 1: Scalable City Interactive Artwork – Screenshots of a) globe of eighteen landscapes, b) overview of a city, c) objects within a city Abstract Large virtual environments often contain a large number of interactive objects. Most of these objects are not being interacted with at the same time, leaving many in physical equilibrium. Modern physics(More)
As the world around us is transformed into digitally enabled forms and processes, aesthetic strategies are necessitated that can serve to articulate the multiple layers of complexity involved I have developed an approach to this through a number of projects that engage a formal and conceptual vocabulary derived from collage, montage and assemblage. This(More)