Sheldon Baron

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This study aims to document the history of the metallurgical activities on the Mont Lozère massif in the Cévennes Mountains in Southern France. Many medieval sites of metallurgical wastes (slags) have been reported on the massif. These sites are thought to represent ancient lead workshops. The impact of past metallurgical activity on the environment was(More)
In the protected area of the Cévennes National Park (Southern France), 114 wild brown trout (Salmo trutta fario) were captured at six locations affected to different extents by historical mining and metallurgy dating from the Iron Age to Modern Times. Cadmium and lead in trout livers and muscles reflect high sediment contamination, although an age-related(More)
Numerous palaeo metallurgical sites (n = 70) characterized by slag presenting a homogeneous typology have been reported on the Mont-Lozère Massif (Southern France). These activities took place in the medieval period. The silicated slag matrix comprises mainly Pb (25%), Sb (0.4%), and several thousand parts per million of As, Cu, and Zn. Soil samples were(More)
The primary focus in this article is on BBN's theoretical and applied work on problems involving humans in the information processing and control loop of control systems. This article discusses the evolution and outcome of key technical developments, people involved, and the role of BBN's environment -computational, organizational, and human. The history of(More)
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