Shelby Webster

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Although epidural anaesthesia and analgesia are widely used in obstetrics, there are no large contemporary prospective series detailing associated complications. Prospective data was collected on all obstetric epidural blocks performed for labour and delivery in a single institution between July 1989 and August 1994. A data entry sheet was compiled and(More)
In patients with fulminant hepatic failure, brain oedema and the resulting intracranial hypertension often lead to death; intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring may therefore be valuable. However, there is uncertainty about the hazards of implanting ICP monitoring devices. We carried out a survey of complications associated with ICP monitoring among centres(More)
Canine hemophilia A closely mimics the human disease and has been used previously in the development of factor VIII (FVIII) protein replacement products. FVIII-deficient dogs were studied to evaluate an in vivo gene therapy approach using an E1/E2a/E3-deficient adenoviral vector encoding canine FVIII. Results demonstrated a high level of expression of the(More)
Osteoporosis is responsible for a significant burden both individually and socially, but is readily treated with antiresorptive agents and mineral supplementation. However, long-term usage of these agents, notably bisphosphonates, is rarely associated with atypical fractures. Denosumab is a monoclonal antibody that reduces osteoclast activity and thus(More)
BACKGROUND Targeted therapies elicit anticancer activity by exerting pharmacodynamic effects on specific molecular targets. Currently, there is limited use of pharmacodynamic assessment to guide drug administration in the routine oncology setting. METHODS We developed a phosphoshift (pShift) flow cytometry-based test that measures RAF signal transduction(More)
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