Shelby K Wilson

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TGF-β is an immunoregulatory protein that contributes to inadequate antitumor immune responses in cancer patients. Recent experimental data suggests that TGF-β inhibition alone, provides few clinical benefits, yet it can significantly amplify the anti-tumor immune response when combined with a tumor vaccine. We develop a mathematical model in order to gain(More)
Severe experimental hypertension is associated with vascular hyperpermeability and cellular damage in small arteries and arterioles in rats. Oxygen-derived free radical production is also associated with increased vascular permeability and cellular injury in a variety of conditions, including ischemia-reperfusion and inflammation. To determine if free(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To describe the epidemiology of traumatic dental injuries to children treated in an urban pediatric emergency department (ED). DESIGN A descriptive study of a consecutive series of patients. SETTING The ED of a large, academic children's hospital. PARTICIPANTS Children presenting to the ED with dental trauma from December 1992 to(More)
BACKGROUND Thirty-five percent to 80% of cirrhotic patients have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or diabetes mellitus (DM). Diabetic cirrhotics have higher morbidity and mortality than nondiabetics. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to determine whether liver transplantation improves glucose homeostasis in these patients. METHOD A total of 26 patients(More)
In vitro autoradiography with [3H]captopril was used to localize and quantitate angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) in various tissues in two-kidney, one-clip (2K-1C) hypertension, one-kidney, one-clip (1K-1C) hypertension, desoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt hypertension, and a normotensive control group. There were no significant differences in mean(More)
Sedatives are an important and necessary management technique for some children during dental procedures. Sedation can be administered safely and efficiently by competent practitioners who have special training in the use of the technique in children and who adhere to sedation guidelines. Nonetheless, some children present with special needs, such as(More)
In vitro autoradiography was used to compare peripheral alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenergic receptor binding in various tissues using [3H]prazosin and [3H]rauwolscine, respectively, in three models of experimental hypertension in rats. Models studied included two-kidney, one-clip hypertension, one-kidney, one-clip hypertension, desoxycorticosterone-salt(More)
The peptides angiotensin II (ANGII) and atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) regulate blood pressure and salt and water balance by producing antagonistic physiological effects in a variety of tissues. We used in vitro autoradiography with [125I] ANGII and [125I]ANF to compare receptor regulation for both peptides in various tissues in three experimental models(More)
The objectives of this study were to describe nontraumatic dental emergencies among children treated in a pediatric emergency department. The children studied received emergency treatment for a nontraumatic dental problem from December 1992 through November 1993. Among the 1,459 children treated for dental emergencies, 949 had a nontraumatic emergency (65%)(More)