Shelby Jay Savage

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—We present ultrafast slotted optical time-division multiplexed networks as a viable means of implementing a highly capable next-generation all-optical packet-switched network. Such a network is capable of providing simple network management, the ability to support variable quality-of-service, self-routing of packets, scalability in the number of users, and(More)
Modern fiber optic communications networks multiplex data onto many different channels, each with its own carrier frequency. In order to meet rising demand for high data rates, researchers have begun to consider methods to use the bandwidth of optical fibers more efficiently. In particular, more efficient use might come from operating fewer channels with(More)
High-rate long-haul fiber communications systems will require high-speed efficient signal regeneration. By introducing a simple semiconductor-optical-amplifier wavelength converter into the folded ultrafast nonlinear interferometer, we demonstrate a polarization-insensitive wavelength-maintaining 3R all-optical regenerator. The extinction ratio between the(More)
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