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Challenges related to development, deployment, and maintenance of reusable software for science are becoming a growing concern. Many scientists' research increasingly depends on the quality and availability of software upon which their works are built. To highlight some of these issues and share experiences, the First Workshop on Sustainable Software for(More)
  • S Swenson
  • 2008
BACKGROUND The turn to neoliberalism in welfare policy suggests that human services need to be based on a market approach. The problem with this suggestion is that it presupposes marketing information such that service providers can market their services for identified client needs. In the field of intellectual disability (ID) services this type of(More)
The advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology more than half a decade ago produced a deluge of DNA sequence data by completely altering the scale at which sequence data is generated and dramatically reducing sequencing costs. Both the increase in sheer volume of data being produced —fed by the continually increasing throughput and decreasing(More)
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