Shekhar V. Gosavi

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This chapter introduces ant colony optimization as a method for computing minimum Steiner trees in graphs. Tree computation is achieved when multiple ants, starting out from different nodes in the graph, move towards one another and ultimately merge into a single entity. A distributed version of the proposed algorithm is also described, which is applied to(More)
An instance of the Steiner tree problem consists of: 1. A graph) , (E V G , where V is a set of vertices (or nodes) and V V E × ⊂ is a set of edges. 2. A weight associated with each edge, where the weight is a mapping, 3. A set of terminal nodes, V T ⊆. The problem is to compute a minimum Steiner tree, i.e. an acyclic subset) , (S S E V S of G , with , S V(More)
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