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Most of the empirical work on the impact of growth on poverty and inequality has been based on international panel data sets. Yet panels can also be used within a single country provided the analysis is carried out at the regional level. This is shown for Bangladesh, where regional panel estimates indicate that growth reduces poverty in both urban and rural(More)
Corruption has become an increasingly salient issue in India today, spawning both enormous interest from the media as well as a large amount of academic research. Yet there is a large gap between what has captured the media's attention, the policy options under discussion, and the actual evidence base drawn from empirical research on corruption. We attempt(More)
Good policies, sound investments, and sustainable progress on poverty reduction all require good governance and effective public sector institutions. Solid improvements in governance will be required if many low-income countries are to attain the Millennium Development Goals, and better and more accountable public sector performance is needed to make(More)
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