Shekhar Priyadarshi

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It is demonstrated that the noninstantaneous response of the optically induced coherent polarization tremendously influences the real-space shift of electronic charges in semiconductors. The possibility of coherently controlling this real-space shift with temporally nonoverlapping excitation pulses allows for the observation of a new type of shift current,(More)
We demonstrate the coherent control of ultrafast shift currents in GaAs with two orthogonally polarized linearly chirped laser pulses. By varying the chirp and phase delay between the pulses, we achieve the control of the shape of the shift current transients in a wide range from a monopolar shape to different bipolar shapes (alternating currents).(More)
It is demonstrated that valence-band mixing in GaAs quantum wells tremendously modifies electronic transport. A coherent control scheme in which ultrafast currents are optically injected into undoped GaAs quantum wells upon excitation with femtosecond laser pulses is employed. An oscillatory dependence of the injection current amplitude and direction on the(More)
We report on the time-resolved detection of the anomalous velocity, constituting charge carriers moving perpendicular to an electric driving field, in undoped GaAs quantum wells. For this we optically excite the quantum wells with circularly polarized femtosecond laser pulses, thereby creating a state which breaks time-inversion symmetry. We then employ a(More)
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