Shek Ling Pang

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The majority of plant expressed sequence tags (ESTs) available in the public databases are from non-woody species such as Arabidopsis, maize, soybean, and rice, with the exception of the model tree species, Populus. In this study, we report the first EST database constructed from the commercially important tree species Acacia. ESTs were generated from(More)
This study was directed at the understanding of the function of CCoAOMT isolated from Acacia auriculiformis x Acacia mangium. Full length cDNA of the Acacia hybrid CCoAOMT (AhCCoAOMT) was 1024-bp long, containing 750-bp coding regions, with one major open reading frame of 249 amino acids. On the other hand, full length genomic sequence of the CCoAOMT(More)
A complementary DNA (cDNA) library was constructed from the developing xylem tissues of Neolamarckia cadamba. A total of 10,368 single-pass sequences was generated through high-throughput 5′-expressed sequence tag (EST) sequencing of the cDNA clones, and 6622 high-quality ESTs were obtained after removing the low-quality sequences; this gave approximately(More)
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