Shek Ling Chan

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A series of field studies was conducted between 1979 and 1985 in Puget Sound, Washington State, to investigate etiological relationships between prevalences of hepatic neoplasms in bottom-dwelling marine fish species, with emphasis on English sole (Parophrys vetulus), and concentrations of toxic chemicals in sediments and affected fish. Statistically(More)
A comprehensive data set of aligned ligands with highly similar binding pockets from the Protein Data Bank has been built. Based on this data set, a scoring function for recognizing good alignment poses for small molecules has been developed. This function is based on atoms and hydrogen-bond projected features. The concept is simply that atoms and features(More)
The goals were (1) to understand the driving forces in the binding of small molecule inhibitors to the active site of PTP1B and (2) to develop a molecular mechanics-based empirical free energy function for compound potency prediction. A set of compounds with known activities was docked onto the active site. The related energy components and molecular(More)
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