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Size-resolved and bulk activation properties of aerosols were measured at a regional/suburban site in the North China Plain (NCP), which is occasionally heavily polluted by anthropogenic aerosol particles and gases. A Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) closure study is conducted with bulk CCN number concentration (N CCN) and calculated CCN number concentration(More)
Thermal adaptation of gross primary production and ecosystem respiration has been well documented over broad thermal gradients. However, no study has examined their interaction as a function of temperature, i.e. the thermal responses of net ecosystem exchange of carbon (NEE). In this study, we constructed temperature response curves of NEE against(More)
Previously, we found that secretory cell degradation typically occurred through programmed cell death during secretory cavity development in Citrus sinensis L. (Osbeck). This finding indicated that secretory cavities could be utilized as a new cell biology model for investigating the regulatory mechanisms of plant programmed cell death. To study further the(More)
An increase in Ca 2+ concentration in the nucleus may activate the PCD of secretory cavity cells, and further Ca 2+ accumulation contributes to the regulation of nuclear DNA degradation. Calcium plays an important role in plant programmed cell death (PCD). Previously, we confirmed that PCD was involved in the degradation of secretory cavity cells in Citrus(More)
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