Sheiny Almeida

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Eye tracking has become a preponderant technique in the evaluation of user interaction and behaviour with study objects in defined contexts. Common eye tracking related data representation techniques offer valuable input regarding user interaction and eye gaze behaviour, namely through fixations and saccades measurement. However, these and other techniques(More)
Similarly to game engines, physical design tools must handle huge amounts of data. Although the game industry has been employing modern software development concepts such as data-oriented design, most physical design tools still relies on object-oriented design. Differently from object-oriented design, data-oriented design focuses on how data is organized(More)
— Content based feature extraction is a mechanism which is mainly used for applications like copyright application, video browsing etc. The main aim of the paper is to find illegal copies of the video in an efficient manner.This proposed paper discusses on detection of illegal copies of video clips that can be done through Spatio-temporal and texture(More)
Physical design tools must handle huge amounts of data in order to solve problems for circuits with millions of cells. Traditionally, Electronic Design Automation tools are implemented using Object-Oriented Design. However, using this paradigm may lead to overly complex objects that result in waste of cache memory space. This memory wasting harms cache(More)
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