Sheila Weiss

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Forty-eight patients with panic disorder completing 8 months of maintenance treatment with alprazolam (mean dose, 5.2 mg [n = 27]), imipramine hydrochloride (mean dose, 175 mg [n = 11]), or placebo (mean dose, 8.0 pills [n = 10]) underwent a gradual taper from medication over a 4-week period. A withdrawal syndrome was observed in almost all(More)
This article describes a procedure which permits for the first time the isolation of the prion protein PrPc from the Syrian golden hamster in heterologous systems. Using a glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion approach, milligram amounts of stable, soluble, and homogeneous GST::PrPc protein were obtained in Escherichia coli and with baculovirus-infected(More)
The type I interferons--interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) and interferon-beta (IFN-beta)--are critical for protection against viruses during the acute stage of viral infection [1,2]. Furthermore, type I interferons have been implicated as important mediators in the regulation of lymphocyte development [3], immune responses [4,5] and the maintenance of(More)
One hundred six patients diagnosed according to DSM-III as suffering from agoraphobia with panic disorder, panic disorder with limited phobic avoidance, or uncomplicated panic disorder entered an acute 8-week treatment phase. Patients who improved received an additional 6 months' maintenance treatment. Significantly more patients treated with alprazolam(More)
BACKGROUND The newer antipsychotic agents exhibit a superior safety profile compared with conventional antipsychotic agents in terms of extrapyramidal symptoms. Previous studies have suggested an association between olanzapine treatment and hyperlipidemia. We evaluated this association using a large health care database. METHODS The study was derived from(More)
Transcription of unrearranged immunoglobulin gene segments strongly correlates with their accessibility to the V(D)J recombination machinery. The regulatory mechanisms governing this germ-line transcription are still poorly defined. In order to identify new regulatory elements, we first carried out a detailed characterization of the transcription initiation(More)
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