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Gardnerella vaginalis has been isolated from women with bacterial vaginosis, from the genital tracts of asymptomatic women, and from several other infected body sites in humans. However, until recently, it has not been isolated from any other animal species. Between June 1988 and October 1989, 31 isolates identified as G. vaginalis and 70 isolates(More)
Many resources are available to patients and healthcare practitioners interested in learning about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies such as herbal medicine. This article provides a comprehensive review of herbal medicine sources that are general in scope, clinically oriented, evidence based, and focused on Western phytomedicinals.(More)
Although the ethnic minority traveler is exposed to the same risks as other travelers, there are special considerations that make them vulnerable to certain diseases. In addition, many ethnic minority travelers are traditionally underserved by the medical community and often travel without the benefit of adequate counseling and immunization. The specific(More)
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