Sheila Scutter

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Repeatable measures are essential for clinicians and researchers alike. Both need baseline measures that are reliable, as intervention effects cannot be accurately identified without consistent measures. The intrarater and interrater reliability of the new Foot Posture Index and current podiatric measures of foot position were assessed using a same-subject,(More)
The reflex responses of the soleus motor units to Achilles tendon taps were investigated. Two different techniques were used to analyse the motor unit data. The first approach was the classical technique which involved building peristimulus time histograms (PSTH) from the firing times of single motor units. The second approach was a relatively unused(More)
The H-reflex response in large and small single motor units in human deep anterior masseter was studied to investigate the distribution of muscle spindle afferents onto masseter motoneurons. We found that only the larger units displayed H-reflex responses. This indicates preferential distribution of muscle spindle input onto large motoneurons or a skewed(More)
Podcasting is used commonly recreationally and is now increasingly used in education. The technology for podcasting is readily available, easy to use and inexpensive, making it an attractive option for providing additional flexible learning resources for students. However, little is known about how podcasts are used by students and the implications for(More)
The Foot Posture Index is a new multidimensional and multiplanar tool aimed at quantifying the degree of pronation to supination of the foot, comprising eight criteria that sum to produce a final "score" of foot posture. In an initial study involving 31 subjects, angulations measured from dorsoplantar and lateral radiographs were compared with the(More)
In the limb muscles, the muscle spindles have been demonstrated to be important in the maintenance of static posture. This role is supported by the close proximity of the muscle spindles to motor units that develop small forces and are fatigue-resistant, and the greater effectiveness of the input from muscle spindle afferents onto the small motoneurons(More)
Recruitment of single motor units (SMUs) of the masseter muscle was studied using macro representation (MacroRep) as the indicator of motor unit size. When subjects followed a slow isometric force ramp, units were usually recruited in order of MacroRep size. However, pooling the data from repeated ramps in the same subject resulted in a weak relationship(More)
(2013) Virtual worlds in Australian and New Zealand higher education : remembering the past, understanding the present and imagining the future. In ASCILITE 2013 "Electric Dreams", Notice: Changes introduced as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing and formatting may not be reflected in this document. For a definitive version of this work,(More)
Podcasting in higher education is the presentation of study material in digital format that can be downloaded as audio or video files onto a MP3 player or computer. These files can then be accessed anywhere and at any time students choose. The use of podcasting is now widespread amongst undergraduate students, yet their application to the specific needs of(More)
We compared excitability of the flexor carpi radialis (FCR) motoneuron pool in subjects with and without carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The study involved 11 subjects with chronic idiopathic CTS and 11 asymptomatic subjects as controls. The H-reflex and M-response of FCR muscle were obtained by stimulating the median nerve in the cubital fossa in the(More)