Sheila Rodgers

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There has been extensive speculation about the lack of research utilization in nursing but little attempt to quantify this phenomenon outside of North America. The current demands for evidence-based practice necessitate research utilization as one element of the process. As part of a larger project, this study aimed to describe the extent of research(More)
This paper reports part of a multi-phase study which aimed to investigate the extent to which nurses utilize research and to identify factors associated with research utilization. The findings presented examine the influence of education upon research utilization. Firstly, a survey of registered nurses working in general medical and surgical wards in(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To examine the relationship between patient satisfaction and the incidence of severe and enduring pain through a health board wide hospital satisfaction questionnaire. BACKGROUND The incidence and management of acute postoperative pain and its relationship to patient satisfaction have been of great interest to clinicians over the last(More)
The interaction of ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM) and the Mre11/Rad50/Nbs1 (MRN) complex is critical for the response of cells to DNA double-strand breaks; however, little is known of the role of these proteins in response to DNA replication stress. Here, we report a mutant allele of MRE11 found in a colon cancer cell line that sensitizes cells to(More)
An exploratory study into research utilization is described. Firstly an agreed definition of research utilization was arrived at through consultation with a range of nurses in both academia and clinical practice. Potential factors that may influence research utilization were identified through a review of current research on research utilization and through(More)
BACKGROUND There is no evidence to date on whether an intervention alerting people to high levels of pollution is effective in reducing health service utilisation. We evaluated alert accuracy and the effect of a targeted personal air pollution alert system, airAware, on emergency hospital admissions, emergency department attendances, general practitioner(More)
BACKGROUND High attrition rates from pre-registration nursing and midwifery programmes have been reported in both the UK and in other countries. OBJECTIVES A study was conducted to identify best practice in recruitment, selection and retention across Scottish Universities providing pre-registration programmes. DESIGN A survey of all universities(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to understand why nurses leave nursing practice in China by exploring the process from recruitment to final exit. This report examines the impact of safety and quality of health care on nursing career decision-making from the leavers' perspective. BACKGROUND The nursing shortage in China is more serious than in most developed(More)
AIM This paper reports a theoretical understanding of nurses leaving nursing practice by exploring the processes of decision-making by registered nurses in China on exiting clinical care. BACKGROUND The loss of nurses through their voluntarily leaving nursing practice has not attracted much attention in China. There is a lack of an effective way to(More)
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